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What should be paid special attention to for safety when playing amusement rides

Nowadays, many people like to play the amusement equipment. When playing the amusement equipment, please pay attention to the instructions for safety.What special precautions should we take for our safety?

  1. Children aged 3-12 years should be protected by adults.
  2. Be courteous to each otherwhen Playing, pay attention to safety, do not crowded, do not chase fighting, pay special attention to avoid falling and collision danger.
  3. It is prohibited to slide down along the edge of the handrail of the slide. Dangerous sports such as going backward up the slide, crossing over the safety guardrail or hanging over the guardrail are prohibited.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to move, dismantle or loosen the parts of the device without authorization. Do not use the device when the screws become loose.
  5. Children should be dressed to move easily, the body should not have hard and other wounding items.
  6. Do not bring pets or food into the room. Keep the equipment and the place clean.
  7. Do not encourage children to do dangerous and difficult actions.


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