Amusement park equipment supplier - DINIS

Amusement park equipment supplier – DINIS

Global Delivery

DINIS carnival rides focuses on international business for many many years. So far we have exported amusement equipments to Europe, Africa, North American, South American South-East Asia and Middle Asia, almost all over the world.

Various Products

Our company is a professional playground equipment manufacturer. We provide carnival rides like merry go round, pendulum rides, small train and etc and inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable combo, inflatable castle and so on.

Design Service

DINIS has a professional design team. We can accept OEM order and give customers some advices. Our designers can make drawings about products. If you want to set up park or playground, we can also provide project designs for you.

After-sale Service

When you get products and don't know how to install. We will provide installation service in your country. If you need a maintain service. Our engineer will go to your country to help you too. Any questions, pls feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment Supplier.

Our company is a carnival rides, indoor playground equipments and inflatable games manufacturer. You can find thousands styles products in our company. We provide OEM, products design, park design, global delivery, installation and maintenance service. We did international business for almost 20 years and exported to many countries.

DINIS News + More

  • Design An Unforgettable Amusement For Our Client

    Design An Unforgettable Amusement For Our Client

    Customer Overview: The customer plans to build a vibrant and family-friendly amusement park, committed to providing unique, immersive experiences for visitors of all ages. They aim to purchase a batch of popular adventure amusement equipment, to crea ...   Read more

  • Hot Selling Indoor Trampoline Park For Sale in Algeria

    Hot Selling Indoor Trampoline Park For Sale in Algeria

    Dinis, a Chinese amusement park manufacturer, sells indoor trampolines to Algeria. Indoor trampolines provide a unique and exciting experience for people of all ages. They provide a safe and exciting environment for family, friends and fitness enthus ...   Read more

  • More and more active amusement equipment market

    More and more active amusement equipment market

    Since new year’s day, we have received many orders from our client, all kinds of kids or thrill amusement rides were chose by our client, some of them want to enlarge their business, someone just begin his amusement business, such as open a kids indo ...   Read more

  • Chinese traditional festival----- Winter Solstice

    Chinese traditional festival—– Winter Solstice

    The winter Solstice is an important solar term of the Chinese nation. There is a folk saying that “the winter Solstice is as big as the year”, so the ancients called the winter Solstice “Ya Sui”, “Winter Festival”, ...   Read more

  • The Feedback Of Watermelon Flying Chair Ride

    The Feedback Of Watermelon Flying Chair Ride

    We received a video about the watermelon flying chair from our client, through the video we see that there are many kids are enjoying their happy time together, sitting in the cute watermelon chair flying in the air like a free bird, it really bring ...   Read more

DINIS Blog + More

Winter Fun for Sales Teams: Snowman Building Contest

The first snowfall of 2024 arrived as expected, transforming the landscape into a fairy tale world draped in silver. To celebrate the arrival of this snowfall, and to enhance the cohesion and team spirit of our sales team, as well as relieve work pressure, our sales team decided to organize a unique and creative snowma ... + Read more

Site selection requirements for laying the rainbow slide ride

When selecting a site for the installation of a rainbow slide ride, several factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure the safety, accessibility, and overall enjoyment of the attraction. The following are some key requirements for site selection: Ample Space: The first requirement for a rainbow slide ride i ... + Read more

Experience the Thrilling Fun of Large-Scale Combination Slides in Water Parks

Water parks have always been synonymous with exhilarating adventures and cooling off in the summer heat. While traditional water slides offer plenty of excitement, the introduction of large-scale combination slides has taken the fun to a whole new level. These massive, multi-element slides offer a thrilling and unforge ... + Read more

Materials and advantages of outdoor slides

Common outdoor slides are essential components of playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas, providing children with a thrilling and enjoyable play experience. These slides come in various materials, each offering unique advantages in terms of durability, safety, maintenance, aesthetics, and overall play value. In thi ... + Read more

Classification of bumper cars and their respective advantages

Bumper cars, also known as dodgems, are a popular amusement ride that offers thrilling and interactive experiences for people of all ages. These amusement park staples are designed to be safe and entertaining, allowing riders to engage in fun collisions with other cars. Bumper cars can be classified into various types ... + Read more

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