Amusement park equipment supplier - DINIS

Amusement park equipment supplier – DINIS

Global Delivery

DINIS carnival rides focuses on international business for many many years. So far we have exported amusement equipments to Europe, Africa, North American, South American South-East Asia and Middle Asia, almost all over the world.

Various Products

Our company is a professional playground equipment manufacturer. We provide carnival rides like merry go round, pendulum rides, small train and etc and inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable combo, inflatable castle and so on.

Design Service

DINIS has a professional design team. We can accept OEM order and give customers some advices. Our designers can make drawings about products. If you want to set up park or playground, we can also provide project designs for you.

After-sale Service

When you get products and don't know how to install. We will provide installation service in your country. If you need a maintain service. Our engineer will go to your country to help you too. Any questions, pls feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment Supplier.

Our company is a carnival rides, indoor playground equipments and inflatable games manufacturer. You can find thousands styles products in our company. We provide OEM, products design, park design, global delivery, installation and maintenance service. We did international business for almost 20 years and exported to many countries.

DINIS News + More

  • More and more active amusement equipment market

    More and more active amusement equipment market

    Since new year’s day, we have received many orders from our client, all kinds of kids or thrill amusement rides were chose by our client, some of them want to enlarge their business, someone just begin his amusement business, such as open a kids indo ...   Read more

  • Chinese traditional festival----- Winter Solstice

    Chinese traditional festival—– Winter Solstice

    The winter Solstice is an important solar term of the Chinese nation. There is a folk saying that “the winter Solstice is as big as the year”, so the ancients called the winter Solstice “Ya Sui”, “Winter Festival”, ...   Read more

  • The Feedback Of Watermelon Flying Chair Ride

    The Feedback Of Watermelon Flying Chair Ride

    We received a video about the watermelon flying chair from our client, through the video we see that there are many kids are enjoying their happy time together, sitting in the cute watermelon chair flying in the air like a free bird, it really bring ...   Read more

  • Customized Trackless Train Ride For Our Client

    Customized Trackless Train Ride For Our Client

    We have just finished a trackless train for our client, this train ride with novel appearance that customized according to the requirement of our client, fresh blue color with British style, delicate decoration and charming led lights make the whole ...   Read more

  • The Feedback Of Rainbow Slide From Our Philippine Client

    The Feedback Of Rainbow Slide From Our Philippine Client

    Today we received some pictures and video from our client, he ordered our hot product rainbow slide in September, our sales discussed a lot of details with our client, and finally chose the most suitable one according to the character of the site. Ra ...   Read more

DINIS Blog + More

Unpowered amusement equipment project planning needs to be reasonable

All the planning of the equipment is designed around positioning, the theme is clear, high recognition can make people unforgettable, so the following are the core elements of the planning of the playground: Story-based scene: The design of children’s activity facilities and venues is an IP unit of a series of s ... + Read more

Popular pirate ship ride for sale

Pirate ship is a traditional and classic amusement equipment, which swings back and forth around the horizontal axis. Pirate ship amusement equipment is a large-scale outdoor theme amusement equipment, which is very distinctive.  Pirate ship shape is like a ship swimming in the air, across the sky to fly, bring endless ... + Read more

How to protect amusement equipment from sun in summer?

Summer is coming, and the temperature in many places is generally high. Such high temperature and hot weather will definitely affect the operation of amusement facilities, and high temperature and fever will lead to shutdown and other phenomena.  How to maintain the amusement equipment has become the primary task for t ... + Read more

Why is disco tagada so popular?

Disco turntable is a kind of very interesting amusement equipment, a group of people around in a disk, as the music sounded, the disc is launched, circles of people was rocked the east west shaking give you different play experience.  Relative to the big pendulum, rotating tower, etc. These exciting amusement equipment ... + Read more

Popular BBQ Boat For Sale

BBQ barbecue boat is made of high polyethylene, anti-aging, anti-impact, not broken, not broken!The whole ship is rolled into one, seamless splicing, no leakage!The 10-person model can hold 10-12 people together at the same time, enjoying the beautiful scenery while enjoying the fun of barbecue.Equipped with UV protect ... + Read more

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