Amusement park equipment supplier - DINIS

Amusement park equipment supplier – DINIS

Global Delivery

DINIS carnival rides focuses on international business for many many years. So far we have exported amusement equipments to Europe, Africa, North American, South American South-East Asia and Middle Asia, almost all over the world.

Various Products

Our company is a professional playground equipment manufacturer. We provide carnival rides like merry go round, pendulum rides, small train and etc and inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable combo, inflatable castle and so on.

Design Service

DINIS has a professional design team. We can accept OEM order and give customers some advices. Our designers can make drawings about products. If you want to set up park or playground, we can also provide project designs for you.

After-sale Service

When you get products and don't know how to install. We will provide installation service in your country. If you need a maintain service. Our engineer will go to your country to help you too. Any questions, pls feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment Supplier.

Our company is a carnival rides, indoor playground equipments and inflatable games manufacturer. You can find thousands styles products in our company. We provide OEM, products design, park design, global delivery, installation and maintenance service. We did international business for almost 20 years and exported to many countries.

DINIS News + More

  • The Feedback Of Backyard Fun Park From Our Burkina From Customer

    The Feedback Of Backyard Fun Park From Our Burkina From Customer

    Last year, our client bought some amusement equipment from our company, he said he want to put them in his backyard, so our sales introduced some rides according to the size of his backyard, finally, he ordered a 12 seats luxury carousel ride, 4 batt ...   Read more

  • Carnival Trackless Train For Our American Client

    Carnival Trackless Train For Our American Client

    Dinis train rides are not only varied but also unique in shape, such as cartoon track train and antique trackless train, small carnival train ride and large tourist trackless train ride, and so on. In fact, our trains are always the best selling prod ...   Read more

  • Antique trackless train for our USA Client

    Antique trackless train for our USA Client

    Our client contacted us for a home use train last month,compared many different types of train, he decided to buy the nice antique trackless train,he was attracted by the awesome appearance, in fact, this antique train has always been popular in both ...   Read more

  • Small Park Equipment For Our Customer from Burkina Faso

    Small Park Equipment For Our Customer from Burkina Faso

    We received the inquiry from our customer in August, he want to build a small park, and we designed the park layout according to customer place. And introduced many carnival rides to him, finally, he chose 12 seats luxury carousel, 4 battery operated ...   Read more

  • vintage Train for Our Ukrainian Client

    vintage Train for Our Ukrainian Client

    Last month we received the inquiry from our Ukrainian client, he want to buy a train for his hotel, he send us his hotel link, that is really a very nice hotel. We introduced many types of trains to him, finally, he chose a vintage trackless train, b ...   Read more

DINIS Blog + More

Note on the operation of mechanical amusement equipment

To ensure that the mechanical equipment does not occur accidents, the mechanical equipment should not only  meet the safety requirements of itself, and more importantly, the operator is required to strictly abide by the safe operation procedures.Of course, the safe operation procedures of machinery and equipment vary w ... + Read more

How to do the daily security check of 32 pirate ships?

32 seats pirate ship is a kind of classic amusement equipment,people love the thrill tension that pirate ship bring to tourists.but such large amusement equipment needs to be checked every day, because the safety of tourists should be put in the first place, and every detail of the equipment needs to be carefully check ... + Read more

Why should you choose our grid bumper car rides?

The grid bumper car is powered by the floor,and the electric spark generated by the running of the bumper car is at the bottom of the car body, which can effectively ensure the safety of passengers.Passengers sitting in the car, with a foot switch to control driving and parking, turn the steering wheel to control the d ... + Read more

What are the advantages of trackless train ride?

A lot of amusement investors may face such a question when they choosing amusement equipment, that is there are so many kinds of equipment, and they do not know much about the industry,they do not know which one should be the best choice,for these whose do not know how to choose investment product, we Dinis introduce t ... + Read more

Do you know why there is such a big difference in the price of amusement equipment?

What are the two main important points to operate a amusement park? They are site and equipment,in fact, the purchase of equipment directly affects the overall upfront investment cost,if you did right purchase, it will help you make money very easily, whereas, if you did wrong choice, there will be endless trouble and ... + Read more

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