Amusement park equipment supplier - DINIS

Amusement park equipment supplier – DINIS

Global Delivery

DINIS carnival rides focuses on international business for many many years. So far we have exported amusement equipments to Europe, Africa, North American, South American South-East Asia and Middle Asia, almost all over the world.

Various Products

Our company is a professional playground equipment manufacturer. We provide carnival rides like merry go round, pendulum rides, small train and etc and inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable combo, inflatable castle and so on.

Design Service

DINIS has a professional design team. We can accept OEM order and give customers some advices. Our designers can make drawings about products. If you want to set up park or playground, we can also provide project designs for you.

After-sale Service

When you get products and don't know how to install. We will provide installation service in your country. If you need a maintain service. Our engineer will go to your country to help you too. Any questions, pls feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment Supplier.

Our company is a carnival rides, indoor playground equipments and inflatable games manufacturer. You can find thousands styles products in our company. We provide OEM, products design, park design, global delivery, installation and maintenance service. We did international business for almost 20 years and exported to many countries.

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Notes for small amusement equipment trampoline bungee

In recently years, trampoline bungee is becoming more and more popular, but there are also some safety hazards at the same time. In order to keep your children safe on the bungee, please take a look the following notes. Child under 6 years old must be looked after by parent or guardian, if not, kids do not allow to ge ... + Read more

What should be paid attention to when operating kids amusement park equipment?

The kids in children amusement park are usually very dense, so we must pay attention to the operation of the amusement park. Then, what items should be paid attention to when running kids amusement park. Now let us discuss the question together. 1.the installation of the kids funfair should be very carefully   Whe ... + Read more

Safety analysis of large amusement equipment

Large amusement equipment is usually very exciting and attracts many tourists. However, for the safety of tourists, the safety of large amusement equipment should be ensured. So what safety measures should be checked for large amusement equipment?  Safety and insurance standards For the rider part running at high altit ... + Read more

How to control the operating cost of children’s amusement equipment?

How to control the operating cost of children’s amusement equipment?With the rapid development of the recreation industry, as the operator of children’s amusement equipment, in order to maintain its competitiveness, it is also important to learn how to control costs in addition to seeking benefits.So what s ... + Read more

How to choose the right amusement equipment for children?

Children’s amusement park has always been the place that children like very much. For amusement park operators, it is very important to choose the equipment that children like. Then, how to correctly choose the amusement equipment that children like? First point: safety is guaranteed. The material of amusement eq ... + Read more

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