Amusement park equipment supplier - DINIS

Amusement park equipment supplier – DINIS

Global Delivery

DINIS carnival rides focuses on international business for many many years. So far we have exported amusement equipments to Europe, Africa, North American, South American South-East Asia and Middle Asia, almost all over the world.

Various Products

Our company is a professional playground equipment manufacturer. We provide carnival rides like merry go round, pendulum rides, small train and etc and inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable combo, inflatable castle and so on.

Design Service

DINIS has a professional design team. We can accept OEM order and give customers some advices. Our designers can make drawings about products. If you want to set up park or playground, we can also provide project designs for you.

After-sale Service

When you get products and don't know how to install. We will provide installation service in your country. If you need a maintain service. Our engineer will go to your country to help you too. Any questions, pls feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment Supplier.

Our company is a carnival rides, indoor playground equipments and inflatable games manufacturer. You can find thousands styles products in our company. We provide OEM, products design, park design, global delivery, installation and maintenance service. We did international business for almost 20 years and exported to many countries.

DINIS News + More

  • The Tea Cup And Bungee Ride for Our Chile Client Are Already for Shipment

    The Tea Cup And Bungee Ride for Our Chile Client Are Already for Shipment

     We placed an order with our Chile client recently, he wanted to buy a tea cup ride and payed some deposit very soon, but he added 4 person bungee ride to this order ten days later. When we get the deposit form our customer, we put the products into ...   Read more

  • The Elephant Train For Our American Client Is Ready for Shipment

    The Elephant Train For Our American Client Is Ready for Shipment

    On the 26th September 2019, we got the inquiry from our American client, he email us to ask the price of Thomas train, we send quotation with detail price list and video to him. Then he asked  if we have the animal themed train, because he plan to us ...   Read more

  • Mobile Coffee Cup Rides Were Loaded and Delivery to New Zealand

    Mobile Coffee Cup Rides Were Loaded and Delivery to New Zealand

    At Feb 23, 2019, we loaded trailer mounted coffee cup rides and deliver to New Zealand. This client is doing mobile business, trailer mounted coffee cup was mounted on trailer, then client can fold up it and tow by his car directly, it will be easy t ...   Read more

  • Deliver carousel to Peru

    Deliver carousel to Peru

    At February 18, 2019. We loaded 16 seats carousel in 20 feet container and deliver to Peru. This is client’s second order, at the first time, he bought mechanical bull from us. He is satisfied with our quality and service. We are happy that our bull ...   Read more

  • Load Carousel and Inflatable Slide to Kenya

    Load Carousel and Inflatable Slide to Kenya

    Our Kenya client who bought our Coffee cup rides, bumper cars, meltdown rides etc. At June. 2018. His business was very good and satisfied with our quality and service, then placed second order to buy carousel and inflatable slide. All games has been ...   Read more

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The Advantage of Mini Amusement Park

Normally, amusement park can be divided into three types: Large amusement park, middle amusement park and small amusement park. Comparing with small amusement park, the other two type will need large investment cost. There mini amusement park has obvious economic advantages. Now we introduce it for you: First of all, t ... + Read more

Factors Influencing The Lifetime Of Amusement Rides

In the process of using Amusement facilities, they are under the pressure of stress and strain, so the structure and elements’ shape and size would change the ability of fatigue load whose main failure mode is fatigue rupture. The normal design of fatigue strength is: if the material does not exist original crack, afte ... + Read more

Five Tips Of Putting Amusement Rides In The Park

We all know that the amusement park is the paradise for children, but nowadays there are too many amusement parks. Therefore, it is important for managers to find some useful methods to improve the competitiveness of the park. And putting amusement rides in a more suitable place is a very effective way. Firstly, for fa ... + Read more

What Factors Should We Consider When We Buy And Run Giant Amusement Rides?

First, passenger loads. Generally, giant amusement rides have larger passenger loads, like the pendulum, roller coaster and ferris wheel. And the large passenger loads means that it can bring more profits. Second, maintenance. It is necessary for a giant amusement ride to be inspected and maintained every day. This vit ... + Read more

Maintenances And Announcements Of Giant Amusement Rides

Methods of maintaining giant amusement rides: First, maintenances should be completed by professional workers in authorized institutions or factories that have enough experience of manufacturing. Second, the maintenances of giant amusement rides should not be subcontracted to others. Third, the people who maintain gian ... + Read more

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