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Chinese traditional festival—– Winter Solstice

The winter Solstice is an important solar term of the Chinese nation. There is a folk saying that “the winter Solstice is as big as the year”, so the ancients called the winter Solstice “Ya Sui”, “Winter Festival”, “He Dong”, “Xiao Nian” and so on.  

In some coastal areas of south China, the traditional custom of worshiping ancestors on winter Solstice still continues.  

In the north of China, dumplings become an indispensable meal for every family on the winter solstice.  

Why eat dumplings on winter Solstice?  We all know that the Dragon Boat Festival in memory of Qu Yuan has the custom of eating dumplings, and to the winter solstice day, Eating dumplings is actually a custom to commemorate the “medical saint” Zhang Zhongjing who sacrificed medicine to save poor people on the day of winter Solstice.

We all know the Christmas and New Year’s day is coming, maybe you have already started to prepare for the festival, I hope we can spend a happy holiday, but at the same time, in order to celebrate the arrival of the double festival, our company launched a series of promotional activities, the discount is optimistic, so if you have any purchase demand please contact us,  The sale period will be a satisfying purchase for you.

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