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Amusement equipment management strategy

The first is the selection of products.

We should choose the appropriate playground equipment according to the actual situation of the site.Many users are optimistic about the new playground equipment, which is not wrong. The new products are indeed more competitive.However, for sites with few products, there is a large product space to choose from, and users who have just invested can choose stable products to be more reliable.

Then there is the planning aspect of the site.

It is not the more products the better, we should mix them properly.Most products are more attractive to tourists, but they should be properly matched according to the size of the site. Each product should be reserved for tourists to watch, so as to attract tourists’ interest and increase profits.

The way of doing business.

The mode of operation should be flexible and suitable for the needs of tourists.Instead of selling tickets only, we can sell monthly CARDS and sets of tickets. In addition, we can do some preferential activities or prizes in holidays, which can improve the regional brand awareness and increase the turnover.

Site selection and rental are the primary conditions

The quality of a site directly affects the future business efficiency. Just like any other business, the location and scale of a store are crucial. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a site with large visitor flow and many target users



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