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What Rules Should Operator Know When Do Business

Operation management personnel must conduct safety check on the equipment before daily operation. After no problems have been checked and the equipment is tested once, normal operation can be performed only after confirmation of normal operation, and operation records shall be kept.

Operation management personnel should hold a certificate on duty, have the operation ability and quality.Once there is an emergency, the administrator can handle it calmly.

1 Set up the idea of safety first, carefully prepare for the shift, check the amusement machine facilities, and remove the faults and unsafe factors in time. Adhere to the strict safety inspection system before each shift, and try to n it once. Only after the safety is confirmed correct, can the operation begin.

2 Publicity work should be done at any time, tourists’ notice should be publicized frequently, and tourists’ violation of rules should be discouraged and stopped.

3 The operator should concentrate, operate carefully, observe the operating rules, and pay close attention to the situation of tourists getting on, getting off and running of device.

4 During the work, the operator shall not leave the post, and shall not chat or play in the work.

5 Those who have drunk alcohol or feel ill are not allowed to take up the post.

6 Strictly implement the ticket system, and do not follow the private relationship.



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