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The rainbow slide has been very popular since it came out, because is a kind of family amusement activity, it allows little kids play with their parents. And it is also very popular among teenagers. So you can see it always a lot of passengers waiting in line to take a play, there is no doubt that the income is very considerable.

The installation of the slide is very easy, it just need a place with slope, but if you just have a flat place, we can also help you build the rainbow slide for you, We can create a slope required by the equipment for you through steel frame structure. And the size and shape can be customized. Generally speaking, it usually build in the outdoor places, but if you indeed needed, we can also build it in the indoor place, that is to say, no mater where your amusement place is, no matter what size it is, we can all custom it to meet your requirement.

You can look the following video to know much more about it, and if you really like it, please contact us for details.  
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