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Operation and precautions of amusement equipment

  1. Users shall establish and improve the amusement machine management and maintenance system and strictly implement it in accordance with gb8408-2008 Safety Specification for Amusement Facilities and Provisions for Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision of Special Equipment issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision on June 29, 2000.
  2. The user shall formulate detailed rules and regulations for the operation and regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment.Establish post responsibility system for management and maintenance personnel.Select the management, operation and maintenance personnel with good moral character, serious and responsible work, with certain educational level and qualified through training and examination for management and operation. Be proficient in practical operation and be able to deal with accidents and emergencies in time.
  3. The user unit shall conduct regular safety education for operation, management and maintenance personnel.Establish and improve safety systems, According to half a year, month, week, day, holiday and peak season before the start of the safety inspection, fill out the inspection file for each inspection, the original record of each inspection shall be signed and filed by the responsible person, and the records shall be kept for more than three years.
  4. In case of bad weather, rain, snow, wind, earthquake, equipment failure, power failure or fire and other emergencies or knowing the occurrence of the above situations, the user unit must take emergency measures and stop operation, and evacuate tourists to a safe place.

             5, the platform should be set up entrance and exit, the safety fence is not allowed to use wooden structure, its setting should be safe and reliable.




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