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Why is the disco tagada so popular?

When it comes to the disco tagada, everyone must be familiar with it. A group of people sit around a disc. When the music starts, the disc starts up, and the people in the circle are shaken. Disco tagada is a very popular amusement project in recent years, and it is also a popular investment project chosen by many investors. So, why is disco carousel so popular?

Park Disco Tagada Ride

1. Strange gameplay
Compared with the thrilling amusement equipment such as the big pendulum and the rotating tower, the disco tagada does not have so many safety configurations such as safety ropes and safety pressure bars. Tourists sit freely on the sofa of the disco tagada in a circle. When the strong music sounds, the tourists also escape the gravity of the earth uncontrollably with the bumping of the turntable.

2. High security
As mentioned above, although the disco tagada is not applied with safety bars, safety ropes and other safety configurations, this does not mean that the disco tagada is unsafe. On the contrary, the bottom of the disco tagada is covered with protective pads, and the surrounding guardrails are covered with colored protective sponges, so that the body can touch with a mild and soft protective layer to ensure the personal safety of tourists.

3. Large audience
If the mini shuttle is suitable for young children and the big pendulum is suitable for young adults, then the disco tagada is definitely a good choice for all ages. The operating frequency can be adjusted, and the operating intensity of the equipment can be selected. The seat is covered with no hard surface and no hard corner protection measures, and the safety factor is high, which can be used by passengers of different ages to ride and play. Such equipment can allow different tourists to ride, which is an important reason for the popularity of discos.

The above is the knowledge sharing about the popularity of disco tagada brought to you by Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. I hope this sincere sharing can help you. If you have any questions or needs, please communicate with our online customer service to get information and quotations for disco tagada, and we will be happy to answer and serve you.



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