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Maintenance of Mini Shuttle Connectors

The connector of the mini shuttle is used to realize the connection between vehicles, transmit traction and impact force, and maintain a fixed distance between vehicles. It is an important connecting part of the equipment. Because the mini shuttle has a large audience of tourists and a good market reputation, many amusement project investors will choose to settle in this equipment. So, what are the precautions in the use and maintenance of mini shuttle connectors?


Basic Requirements for Mini Shuttle Connectors:

1. The main stress structure of the connector must not be deformed, corroded, worn, cracked, grooved, mechanically damaged, etc.;

2. The welding part of the connector should be good, without cracks, corrosion;

3. The pin of the connector should be smooth and free of wear;

4. The bolts of the connector should avoid falling off and loosening;

5. The rotation of the connector should be flexible and not stuck.

Inspection and maintenance:

1. Check the metal fatigue strength, structural deformation, weld cracks, damage, etc. of the main stress parts, and deal with them in time if any abnormality is found;

2. Check the wear of vulnerable parts, and replace them in time if excessive wear is found;

3. Check the tightening of the bolts, and tighten them in time if they are loose;

4. Pay attention to check whether the connector rotates flexibly during operation, and whether there is abnormal vibration and sound;

5. Lubricate the oilingpoints on time;

6. Make records and archive for future reference.



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