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What are the current popular children’s playground equipment?

The children’s playground equipment industry has gradually matured and improved, and more and more children’s playground equipment projects are constantly in line with children’s game experience. For many people who have just entered the children’s amusement equipment industry, they do not know how to choose in the face of many children’s entertainment equipment. The following are some of the more common and popular children’s playground equipment on the market.

1. Pirate Ship Ride

Viking pirate ship For Sale

As a classic children’s amusement equipment, the viking pirate ship ride is very popular in terms of design and playability. The classic appearance design attracts many children, and the device swings back and forth, with dynamic music and endless fun.

2. Self Control Airplane Ride

The self-control plane ride is the most popular large-scale children’s amusement equipment in the playground. It has a rotating and lifting motion, and is matched with the appearance of a fashionable and technological aircraft or spaceship, which is very popular among children.

3. Bumper Car Ride

20 Bumper Cars Has Been Finished and Loaded for Philippine Client

Here you don’t have to care about the speed or the danger of collision. Friction and collision are the fun of driving a bumper car. The vivid appearance of the device attracts children’s attention and meets their entertainment needs.

4. Carousel

Carousel is a classic and romantic amusement equipment. The realistic and charming horses not only attract the attention of children, but also attract many couples to ride.



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