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How much does it cost to customize outdoor amusement equipment?

There is no specified cost for the customization of outdoor amusement equipment. The size of the venue is different, which means that the size and specifications of the outdoor amusement equipment will also be different, so the cost will naturally not have a clear specified value.

From the renderings of many outdoor amusement equipment, it is not difficult to see that the internal configuration of each amusement equipment is different, which is different from the amusement equipment produced by conventional molds. The internal configuration of outdoor amusement equipment can be freely matched. Therefore, the customization fee will also be different due to the different internal configuration.

The cost of customization is also related to the size of the floor space. No matter what material it is, the price of 100 square meters and 200 square meters must be different. Taking stainless steel slides as an example, the prices of different lengths are naturally different. A long slide means that it will occupy a larger area, and the production and installation processing will also be different from the small size, so the cost of customization will be higher.

If you want to know how much the custom cost of new outdoor amusement equipment is, you need to know how big your site is, what kind of amusement equipment you need in your park, and the specifications, types and sizes of amusement equipment. The specific price must be quoted according to the specific design plan, so that the obtained quotation is accurate and valuable.



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