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The Novel Marketing Method Of Kids Amusement Equipment?

Marketing is essential in running kids amusement playground,with the change of times,the customer group is also changing,the traditional operating methods can not meet the current market operating needs. This leads to the emergence of new marketing may not possible for a lot of playground to invest capital on advertisement,and it seems that hanging out brochures along the street is tacky and ineffective.then,what marketing methods can help amusement business meet the demands of the times? Let us discuss together as fellows.

  1. word-of-mouth marketing,you can take some photos for the customers for free,then some of them will share with their family and friends.
  2. Recommend and attract new customer. You can set up some prise for the customers who bring new customers to you playground,such as give the some times of free playing,or some gifts for their kids.
  3. Applying VIP cards to enjoy preferential activities.the more discharge,the more discount you get.
  4. Gift marketing,you can place some gift bottles in some corner of the playground,choose some lucky customer to get the lucky gifts, such activity will stimulate kids playing interests.
  5. Festival celebration activity,you can decorate the playground venue during some carnival festival,such as Christmas and Halloween.special decoration will easily attract more customers to come to play.more customers means more profits.


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