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Super Popular Rainbow Slop Slide

Rainbow slide, also known as colorful slide, colorful dry slide and speed dry ski. It is a new type of non-power speed skating project with low investment cost. And it can be built using the slope of the terrain or through steel frames, that allowing people to enjoy new forms of excitement in any scene and any season. It has always been favored by parks, scenic spots, large shopping malls, amusement parks and resorts, etc., Meanwhile,rainbow slide not only meets the needs of tourists to play, gather popularity for scenic spots, parks or amusement parks, but also produces objective economic benefits.

The project includes straight slide, wave slide, bend slide, wave swing slide, fold slide and slopes with inflatable bag, bumpy slide and other types of play. The site area can be large or small, and there are different forms of play methods, we can also customize and design it according to the actual situation of the scenic spot.

The supporting services of the project also include ticket, safety warning board, guide board, main visual design and installation, ticketing equipment and entry & exit ticket checking machine and other optional equipment. Supporting facilities of the project include ticket office, storage office and tourist rest area, etc., the specific situation depends on the operation mode.



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