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What should you pay attention to when taking a train ride?

There are many kinds of amusement rides, and track train is a one of them, and it was very popular among kids and adults, but what safety items should pay attention to when taking a train ride?

  1. You should check the condition of the train carriage appearance, do not take the carriage which are broken. And then pay attention to the safe belt, the safe belt should in perfect condition.
  2. Check and confirm the safety qualification mark.
  3. Do not unfasten the safe belt and the door while the train is running.
  4. Obey the order of the operator, waiting in line to up and down the train.
  5. Please read the “passenger notice”before taking a train ride.
  6. When you are in the train carriage, please sit and hold on tight, do not frolic and fight with each other. Do not put your head and hands out of the window.
  7. If there is and accident during the amusement riding, please keep calm, stay and wait, pay attention to the radio, waiting for the help of staff, do not take self-help measures.


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