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What should you pay attention to when riding the amusement equipment?

In recent years, the number of indoor and outdoor amusement parks is also increasing. In the weekend leisure time, many parents will choose to take their children to the amusement park to relax, and go out to play, the most important point is safety. Safety requires both the amusement park and tourists to abide by the rules. Below, DINIS amusement park summarizes some problems to pay attention to when riding the amusement equipment. Let’s have a look.

  1. First, check whether the equipment to be played has passed the inspection of qualified marks, and be responsible for whether the operation of the amusement facilities is permitted. If there are no inspection signs for the facilities, do not take the ride and complain to the relevant authorities so that the supervisory body can rectify it and ensure the safe operation of the amusement equipment.
  2. Please read the “notice to passengers” and related “warnings” carefully before taking the bus to understand the safety measures. According to the corresponding warning signs of the playground, do a good job of their own safety protection.
  3. Please take good care of your glasses, camera, handbag, keys, mobile phone and other pendants when riding on the rotating and rolling amusement equipment. Do not bring these items on the ride.
  4. During the operation of the equipment, do not extend the car body parts such as the locomotive and hands out of the car, and do not unlock the safety belt or open the safety lever without authorization.
  5. In case of power failure or other unexpected circumstances, do not be alarmed, move the safety lever and other protective measures, please wait on the spot, cooperate with rescue personnel and obey the command of on-site management personnel.


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