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What licenses does the real amusement equipment company need?

As people’s demand for entertainment increases, more and more people like to go out to playground on weekends and holidays, which has caused many people to want to join the amusement equipment industry. However, there are so many manufacturers of amusement equipment on the market that investors do not know how to choice. In fact, most of them are agents and distributors. There are not many manufacturers and companies that really strictly own the manufacturing license of amusement equipment. Then, I will introduce to you which amusement equipment certificates are required by qualified amusement equipment manufacturers?

1. The business license of the amusement facility manufacturer or company;

2. Tax registration certificate;

3. Special amusement equipment production license;

4. Work permit: welder certificate, electrician certificate, etc.

5. Fire inspection qualified opinion letter;

6. Proof of site lease or land certificate.

7. Sanitation license;

To have the above certificates is a qualified amusement equipment manufacturer. Dinis Amusement has been engaged in the amusement equipment industry for several years, and our business scope covers the whole world. The company’s production workshop covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters and has complete and qualified production certificates. Welcome to visit.



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