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What is the purpose of the light design of the carousel?

When mentioning playground equipment, everybody casually can say a few, which proved that these amusement equipment left deep impression in the heart of the visitor. And there is a kind of amusement equipment, almost everyone will mention, that is the carousel. The play value and commercial value of horse riding amusement equipment have been recognized by the majority of investors. Today, DINIS is going to talk about the design role of carousel lights.

First, decoration

The lamplight on carousel basically is adornment action, it is installed commonly on the ceiling of roundabout or central column, the design that forms adornment according to artistic effect, the volume of this kind of lamps and lanterns and power are not big, but can make the carousel equipment more attractive in the evening.

Second, the lighting

In fact, as for playground equipment, the above light as a lighting effect is auxiliary. On the merry-go-round, the related equipment includes casting light, floodlight and spotlights and so on. All these decoration can make the whole device more luxurious. And all these lights are generally installed in the outside of the equipment, to cast light on the equipment, the color of the light is generally white, but also can use green, blue, orange, pink to foil.

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