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What is the anti-reverse safety protection device of amusement equipment?

According to the requirements of the safety regulations for amusement equipment, the system that is pulled up along the slope, such as sliding mini-shuttle, spin pulley, worm roller coaster, etc., shall be equipped with the device to prevent backsliding.Therefore, when gliding amusement equipment travels to the highest slope of the track, in order to prevent the lifting decoration failure (such as chain disconnection, chain hook, gyro, sudden power cut, etc.) caused by the vehicle due to the weight of the back slide, to avoid causing damage to the vehicle and personal injury to tourists.The bottom of the vehicle (cockpit) and the ramp elevation of the track are respectively provided with anti-reverse safety device.

The device is mainly composed of two parts: the anti-reverse device installed at the bottom of the vehicle and the anti-reverse rack installed on the slope track.When the system failure, such as chain hook off or chain disconnect, sudden power failure and other reasons, causing the vehicle to slide back due to the weight, the backslide hook installed on the bottom of the vehicle will be stuck by the backslide rack mounted on the ramp track, forcing the vehicle to stay in position so that the vehicle will not continue to slide backwards, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment and visitors.



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