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What are the statutory responsibilities of large amusement facility operators?

The operation range of that amusement facilities is relatively large, so ensuring the safety of passengers has become the top priority. As a large-scale amusement facility operator, it should undertake corresponding statutory responsibilities.

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1. Before large-scale amusement facilities are put into use or within 30 days after being put into use, the operatorshall register with the market supervision and management department.

2. One month before the expiry of the regular inspection cycle of large amusement facilities, the operatorshall submit a periodic inspection request to the special equipment inspection agency.

3. Before holidays or large-scale mass activities, operators should inspect and maintain large-scale amusement facilities, and strengthen daily inspection and duty.

4. Operators should post passenger notices, precautions and warning signs at prominent places such as the entrance of large amusement facilities, indicating the movement characteristics of the equipment, passenger range, taboos, etc.

5. Operatorsshould formulate an emergency plan, establish an emergency rescue command organization, and equip corresponding rescue personnel, rescue equipment and first-aid items.

6. Operatorsshall set up a safety management organization and personnel, and ensure that at least one safety management personnel is on duty during the operation of the equipment.

7. Operatorsshall, in accordance with the requirements of safety regulations and maintenance manuals, equip operators with certificates that meet the requirements of safe operation, and strengthen pre-job training for relevant personnel, so that they can master basic emergency skills and assist operators in emergency response.



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