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What are the safety requirements for amusement rides?

Love to play is the nature of every child, but safety issues can not be forgotten, seat belt is an essential safety measure of amusement facilities, the quality of seat belt also directly affects the safety of children’s lives, so, what are the safety requirements of amusement facilities?

  1. The seat belt can be used alone on the amusement facilities with slight sway or slow lifting speed without turning over or being thrown out of danger. The seat belt should be equipped with auxiliary handle in general.The seat belt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device for the active amusement facilities.
  2. Nylon braid belt and other high strength belts suitable for outdoor use should be used for seat belt. The band width should not be less than 30 mm and the breaking tension of seat belt should not be less than 6000 N.The seat belt must be securely attached to the body and be able to withstand the force of the passenger’s predictable movements.If it is fixed directly on the FRP, its fixing place must be firm and reliable, otherwise it should be embedded with metal components and other strengthening measures.
  3. When the safety belt is used as the second binding device, its reliability is designed according to its independent function.


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