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What are the requirements for kindergartens to install amusement equipment?

In order to enrich children’s kindergarten life, many kindergartens are now very rich in hardware supporting equipment. Almost all kindergartens will have a play area, where a lot of play equipment is placed, providing a rich preschool living environment for young children in the kindergarten. However, in order to give children a safe play environment, the owner needs to pay more attention to the selection and installation of amusement equipment.

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1: Fully consider the safety of equipment

The safety of any device is the basis for its normal use, especially for many challenging and recreational equipment, more attention should be paid to every aspect of installation and use. Kindergarten amusement equipment needs to be combined, deployed and installed in strict accordance with the design requirements. Important parts such as fixing bolts and connecting fasteners must not only meet the installation requirements, but also be tightened and fastened, because this is the basic guarantee for the safe operation of the entire equipment. In addition, attention should be paid to the installation and debugging of protective equipment to improve the safety factor of the equipment.

2: Pay attention to the environmental factors around the site

Under different environmental factors, the installation and use of kindergarten amusement equipment will have certain differences. For example, the equipment used indoors, due to its relatively complete environmental infrastructure, is rarely affected by external climate conditions, so the installation form is relatively more stable. If it is installed in an outdoor environment, there will be more issues to consider. Will the surrounding flowers, plants and trees affect the use of the equipment, and will the installed equipment have potential safety hazards in harsh environments such as storms?

3: Correctly guide children to use the equipment

Kindergarten amusement equipment is installed and used in strict accordance with the standard requirements, but it is inevitable that there will be problems during use, so they need to be repaired and maintained regularly, which can improve the safety of the operation of the amusement equipment and prolong the service life. In addition, the operation and use of children will also affect the life of the equipment, so kindergarten teachers must give children correct guidance and help in accordance with the standard requirements.



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