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Ways to attract traffic to amusement parks

Online traffic attraction

1: Network platform promotion

The current Internet age is very developed, and various online platforms are extremely rich. We can choose some popular online platforms for publicity, so that our children’s playground can be known by more people.

2: Collect likes to play for free

In fact, for many newly opened children’s playgrounds, free trial play is a way to quickly increase the popularity of children’s playgrounds. Operators can allow customers to share pictures and locations of the store to social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, etc., and collect likes to get a free trial. This method can quickly promote the children’s playground and attract traffic.

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Offline traffic attraction

1: Offline publicity in the local city

It is a direct way to attract traffic by sending leaflets offline. We can attract people to come and experience by distributing leaflets or wearing doll costumes in shopping malls, communities, parks, etc. It can also be done by scanning the QR code to receive gifts or discount coupons.

2: Hold activities on weekends or holidays

During weekends and holidays, most parents will choose to take their children out to play and relax. At this time, the children’s playground can hold a variety of entertainment activities. The staff can also wear children’s favorite animation character costumes to interact with them to stimulate their enthusiasm for participation. Operators need to prepare experience coupons, membership card discount promotions, etc. in advance to increase the participation of parents and children, enhance the recognition and trust of children’s playgrounds, and make the children’s playgrounds have a wider range of influence and quickly occupy favorable markets.



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