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Ocean Themed Track Train Ride

Type: Track train
Power: 2.2kw
Voltage: 606V
Material: FRP+Steel


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Trackless Ocean Train Rides is one of Dinis’s classic amusement rides. This rides can be used in Park, Playground, Shopping Mall and Theme Park.

Structure of Trackless Ocean Train Rides:

Electronic smart charger: Pls charge after all the power finished.
Bright color and novel design: LED lights make the train shinning, fashion design, loved by kids and parents. Suit for different ages.
FRP shell: FRP Shell with painting, smooth surface, aging residence, bright color and will not fade. Excellent workmanship. Safe and bring you more happiness.
Music: You can use whatever music you like.

Direction of Trackless Ocean Train Rides:

1. Wheel: The steering wheel and train wheel is synchronization, 45 degree to right and left. When driver changes direction, he should slow down the speed then turn the wheel.
2. Stop Button: After push the button of trackless ocean train rides, it will be reset. Remind the key openning, when driver wants to stop the train rides.
3. Key of Train: After inserted the key, driver should turn clockwise it to start the train. When he stops the rides, turn anticlockwise the key then pull out it.
4. Pedal Accelerator: Driver steps on the accelerator and the train rides will start. The speed of small Train Rides can be adjusted by the pedal.
5. Handrail: When players get on this Train Rides, let them to hold the handrail when then sit in the train.
6. Charger Plug: If the train rides is out of power, connect the charge with charger plug when charge the battery. Keep clean of the charger plug.

Product video:


Advantage of Vintage Train Rides:

1. Small electricity with high speed.
2. High efficient
3. Small volume, low-interferrences
4. Low noise
5. Long service time

Advantages of Jinshan Vintage train battery:

1. Eco-environmental
2. High and low temperature resistance
3. Lasting power quantity
4. Battery can be recycle
5. Steady voltage


Item name Trackless Ocean Train Rides Material Steel base & FRP shell
Style Kids ride on train Size Carriage: 2.1*1.1*2.7m, Train head:2.1*1.1*2.7m
Weight Train height:140kgs, Carriage:60kgs Power 2.2Kw
Load 500kgs Voltage 60V
Speed 0-5km/h (adjustable) Working time 7 hours
Music With music Control method Keys to start
Type Trackless train Battery 12V*3pcs



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