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Thrill Ride Energy Storm

Hight: 4.2 m
Power: 25kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The energy storm is a new amusing playground equipment, with luxury design, special operation mode, as well as equipped with fascinated lights and dynamic music, strongly attract many tourists to play. Dinis factory provides customized service according to the needs of customers. The general specifications are 3 arms, each giant rams equipped with 4 cabins. Each cabin can take 2 riders and totally the energy storm can accommodate 24 people.

The energy storm is one of the necessary carnival rides in the park, indoor and outdoor large and small amusement park, large square and other playground, because it is low cost, high return and covers a small area. Dinis factory use high quality FRP material, automotive painting technology, so the energy storm is colorful, one-time forming, never fade, sophisticated production technology and of high safety factor.
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Photo Detail

Thrill Ride Energy Storm

Technical parameters

 Type 91343-153
 Power 25Kw
Equipment height 4.2m
Operating height 1.9m
Speed 118m/min
Diameter 10 m
Equipment cockpit 12                  20
Equipment crew 24                  40
Area covered 12m
Use environmental conditions The wind speed is not more than 8 m/s, the ambient temperature is generally between 10~35 degrees C, relative humidity is not more than 85%



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