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The secret of the safety performance of children’s amusement facilities

Children’s amusement facilities generally give the impression of simple structure and strong structure, so it is generally believed that the installation is relatively simple with low requirements. In fact, it is just the opposite, because the country has very strict requirements on children’s amusement facilities, which can only be put into the market for use after a year or so of testing by state organs.

For the installation of children’s amusement facilities, small  details to the size and thickness of each screw, whether prominent, sharp, smooth, all the  requirements are very high, so as to avoid child abrasions and injuries, strains and skidding accidents. Children’s amusement facilities are a kind of implementation that can be closed for people’s entertainment with complicated structure and strict safety performance requirements. Therefore, when choosing manufacturers or agents, investors need to pay attention to the security details of certificates and physical objects so as to avoid the occurrence of injuries during children’s play.

 Children’s rides  production standards include no exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous projections where passengers can reach them.The entrance and exit of amusement equipment must be protected by a security fence, the platform should have anti-skid measures, and there should be some gaps between the door frame and the column.



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