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The New Standards of Amusement Rides

Due to the amusement ride market’s blooming and rapid development, there are problems and potential dangers in some amusement parks. Therefore, it is necessary for relevant department making rules and setting new standards to ensure passengers safety and market’s stable development.

First, for the sliding amusement rides, like roller coaster, its accelerated speed is limited, because the accelerated speed that caused by the roller coaster falling from the peak may harm passengers. Thus the accelerated speed show be controlled in a suitable range.

Second, various loads, such as wind load, should be installed. In the windy day, the original speed combining with the wind speed is dangerous for passengers. Under that situation, the equipment cannot be operated.

Third, safety factors are decreased. If the normal material could reach the safety standard, there is no need to use specific materials. The former safety factors were a little high, thus materials and cost were wasted.

Fourth, new requirements of assessment and analysis are set. Besides, safety standards of water amusement rides are reset.



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