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The maintenance of park ride mini shuttle vehicle connectors

The vehicle connector of park amusement equipment mini shuttle is used to connect vehicles, transfer traction and impact force, and keep fixed distance between vehicles. It is an important connecting part of the equipment.this device has a good reputation in the market, and very popular among amusement investors. Then, what should we pay attention to when we use this equipment?

The basic requirement for park mini shuttle vehicle connectors.

  1. The main force structure of the vehicle connector can not have deformation, corrosion, wear, crack, groove, mechanical damage, etc.;
  2. The welding part of the vehicle connector should be good, no welding, cracks, corrosion and other phenomena, and the flaw detection should be qualified;
  3. The pin shaft of the vehicle connector should be smooth and without wear, and the flaw detection should reach the standard;
  4. The bolt connection of the vehicle connector is in good condition to avoid falling off and loosening;
  5. The rotation of the vehicle connector should be flexible, and there can be no stuck phenomenon.

Inspection and maintenance of park amusement equipment mini shuttle vehicle connectors:

  1. Check the metal fatigue strength, structural deformation, weld crack and damage of the main stressed parts, and deal with any abnormality in time;
  2. Check the wear of vulnerable parts and replace them in time if excessive wear is found;
  3. Check the fastening condition of bolts and tighten them in time if they are loose;
  4. Pay attention to check whether the vehicle connector is flexible in operation, and whether there is abnormal vibration and sound;
  5. Lubricate the lubrication point on time.


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