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The application of electric sightseeing car in tourism

Nowadays, in various tourist attractions, we will see tourists taking electric sightseeing cars to appreciate the scenery. This electric sightseeing car also forms a beautiful scenery line, adding a lot of charm to the tourist attractions. The electric sightseeing car service can let tourists get rid of the confusion of environmental pollution caused by gasoline vehicles, not be slammed by the summer heat, and enjoy the leisurely time while appreciating the scenery and breathing fresh air.

Electric sightseeing cars have won the favor of tourist attractions and gradually become tourists transportation due to their exquisite and dynamic design, time-saving and labor-saving, green environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, low vehicle chassis, convenience, and strong climbing performance.

In terms of safety performance, because the electric sightseeing car is a new type of special car, the car has a speed limit management system. The normal driving speed is no more than 20 to 30 kilometers per hour, and the lower chassis also largely ensures the stability under driving. The application of new materials and the structure of the car body make the net weight of the whole car only 1005kg with strong stability.



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