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The Advantage of Mini Amusement Park

Normally, amusement park can be divided into three types: Large amusement park, middle amusement park and small amusement park. Comparing with small amusement park, the other two type will need large investment cost. There mini amusement park has obvious economic advantages. Now we introduce it for you:

First of all, the investment cost is lower, short time, quick money return. Then small amusement park don’t have strict requirement about land, it can widely set up in shopping mall, plaza, even residential area.

Then kids can enjoy themselves well in small amusement park. The working method is not too exciting, high safety factor. Such as big amusement rides, it has many requirement about passenger’s height, weight, etc. Kids can not play many games due the limit height. But in small amusement park, parents can enjoy the amusement rides with their children together, to have a wonderful family time.



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