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Safety precautions for riding a luxury carousel

Nowadays, luxury carousel horses in amusement parks are emerging one after another, and they are very popular with children. So what safety precautions should be paid attention to when riding a luxury carousel?

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1. Pay attention to the safety inspection qualification mark.

2. Pay attention to the instructions for riding: There are “Guidelines for Passengers”in the prominent places of the large-scaleluxury carousel amusement facilities. Please read them carefully before riding, and do not climb over the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before taking the ride.

3. Children should be accompanied by their parents: Children are not allowed to ride the luxury carousel alone.

4. Follow the instructions of the service staff: Passengers get on and off according to the order of the staff. When getting on and off, pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling.

5. Pay attention to fasten your seat belts: Do not grab the luxury carousel before it stops, fasten the seat belt when riding, and check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety device with both hands when running. Seat belts must never be unbuckled.

6. Do not extend your body parts out of the luxury carousel cabin: When passengers take the luxury carousel, sit upright on the seat, do not move, and must not stretch out their hands, feet, head, etc. Do not intentionally shake the cabin, and passengers are strictly prohibited from opening the cabin door without permission.



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