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Rubber Duck Pedalo

Size: 3.8*1.55*1.7m
Capacity: 4 person
Dead weight: About 220kg
Power form: Step with feet
Sailing area: Lake or rive in the park
Color: Blue, white, yellow, and green, the hull pattern

                                           can be customized.

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The product adopts the FRP material certified by Bureau Veritas, which has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, repairability and good value preservation.

The hull is made of FRP, and the surface material adopts the nationally-specified water-proof, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant special gel coat for boats, as well as the 189 resin, so it is bright and beautiful in color and durable.

The bumpers and the hull are surrounded by high-elastic rubber fenders. All metal surfaces of driving medium and scaffolding are spray-painted to prevent rust. A detachable rain-proof and ultraviolet-proof cloth canopy is provided.This product adopts a cartoon theme which is a classic animal pedal boat. It is very suitable for couples or families to paddle in parks or lakes. It is very popular among tourists.


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