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Reasonable choice of children’s playground equipment

Amusement equipment is an important part of the children’s playground. It is considered in terms of appearance, safety and fun, and parents will care more about the educational and entertaining significance of the venue. So what aspects do you need to consider when choosing amusement equipment?

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1. The age of children 

For children of different ages, we need to set up different types of equipment. If the project is too difficult, it will make children feel at a loss, and if the project is too simple, it will make children feel that the playability is not strong.

Younger children often have insufficient self-protection ability. In order to avoid accidents, you can choose giraffe flying chairs, cartoon trains, mini shuttle kids ferris wheel and other equipment with low stimulation and strong entertainment.

Older children often pursue adventure and excitement, so you can choose indoor playground, slide combination, roller coasters, etc. These amusement equipment help children use their brains, unite and cooperate, exercise their bodies and improve their communication skills.

2. Visual effects

The visual effect design of the children’s playground is very important, and children have a natural interest in irregular shapes and rich colors. Children’s amusement facilities focus on open-ended, natural integration with the environment, which could meet the needs of children’s curiosity and exploration.

You can evaluate children’s expectations for amusement equipment from the aspects of color matching, function matching, project planning, etc. Equipment with soft and comfortable color matching, simple structure and easy production will be given priority.

3. Cost-effectiveness

After we choose equipment or plan renderings, it is best to visit some manufacturers to compare prices together. The market price of amusement equipment varies greatly and must be considered as appropriate.

Before purchasing, you need to know whether the manufacturer has been inspected and identified by the quality supervision department, whether there is a product quality certificate, and whether the quality meets the material evaluation standards to ensure that the product is environmentally friendly and has stable performance.



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