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Precautions for the use of outdoor amusement equipment cockpit

Whether it is a large equipment, pirate ship, rotating flying chair or children’s amusement equipment, automatic aircraft, automatic shark, mini shuttle, cockpit has played an important role, not only is the finishing touch of amusement equipment, but also to ensure the safety of tourists. As an essential equipment of amusement equipment, the cockpit should be selected and used in accordance with regulations.

As a necessary equipment for every amusement facility, the cockpit has the following basic requirements:

  1. Reasonable structure, safe and reliable
  2. Cockpit safety devices should be firm and reliable without damage
  3. The cabin body shall be intact without damage and rust
  4. Cabin shall be clean and tidy, without sharp corners, burrs or other dangerous protrusions where passengers may reach

Points to note in the use of outdoor recreation equipment cockpit:

(1) Keep regular checks:

  1. Inspection of cockpit appearance: whether there are cracks and aging
  2. Inspection of cockpit safety devices: whether handles, safety belts or safety bars are secure or not damaged
  3. Inspection of vulnerable parts: If the connecting shaft is worn out, it should be replaced in time
  4. Check the bolts connected to each part: tighten them in time if they are loose

(2) Keep lubrication on the moving parts:

  1. Bearing lubrication
  2. Wire rope lubrication
  3. Gear lubrication
  4. Chain lubrication
  5. Track lubrication
  6. Bolt lubrication
  7. Lubrication of electronic and electrical components

(3) Do maintenance work according to the requirements, and make good records for future summary and documentation



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