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Precautions for the safety management specification of amusement equipment

Safety issues are an important part of playground construction and management. Investors operating children’s playgrounds need to focus on protecting their safety while providing a good place to play. So what are the precautions for the safety management specifications of children’s play equipment?

1. Create a safety inspection file
Every inspection should be recorded, and an inspection log should be prepared for easy viewing.

2. Cultivate the safety awareness of staff
Amusement equipment users should pay attention to the safety management of equipment, and put safety management on an important agenda.

3. Establish a safety management system
The common safety management systems for amusement equipment are the safety management system, the all-day duty system, the regular inspection system, the safety operation process of the amusement equipment and the accident level reporting system.

4. Establish a sound and efficient safety management organization
Clarify safety responsibilities at all levels and positions.

5. Carry out training and education
Some training and educational activities related to the safety of amusement equipment are often carried out.

6. Regular inspection
Any playground should be inspected regularly, and employees should be organized to inspect equipment on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, holiday and peak season basis.



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