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Novel Design Amusement Ride Flying Squirrel Rescues

Capacity: 32 person
Power: 9 kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 13m


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Tel: +86-371-6328 7382



Better modeling and beautiful appearance are the essential elements that a carnival equipment must have. The new playground equipment is naturally very beautiful.However, only by maintaining a good appearance for a long time, can amusement equipment enterprises show their strength. Henan Dinis adopts the whole paint baking process and professional automobile paint spraying. After 12 hours of painting baking process, the amusement equipment will be more colorful and durable. The new amusement device– The general shape of the flying squirrel rescue is a vulture standing on the top of the mountain, looking around at the flying squirrel surrounding him. There are several bird eggs around the vulture, which are in the state of hatching and leaping out.

The passenger cabin is very cute and lifelike flying squirrel shape, and there is a colorful arched ceiling on every two squirrels, which is not only beautiful but also sun-proof. each seat has a water gun that can attack when the bird egg is opened. Flying squirrels need to work with each other to defeat the vulture. This game design not only brings the fun of riding to children, but also the joy and excitement of game victory, which is also an important reason for the popularity of this device.
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