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Notes for small amusement equipment trampoline bungee

In recently years, trampoline bungee is becoming more and more popular, but there are also some safety hazards at the same time. In order to keep your children safe on the bungee, please take a look the following notes.

  1. Child under 6 years old must be looked after by parent or guardian, if not, kids do not allow to get on the bungee. In addition, never go bungee out of curiosity, and take special care not to support the bungee by your hands, because it is very easy sprained. Do not knee the bungee bed when jumping up and down, because it is easy to hurt the waist.

You had better do not wear jewelry, necklace, earrings and so on, because these things may hurt you when you drop down, moreover, you had better do not wear glasses, and the hairpin of girls is also dangerous.

  1. Fragile items, containers, sticks, sharp things and something similar are strictly prohibited to bring into bungee trampoline.  
  2. It is strictly prohibited to push, pull, bump, chase each other, do somerset, otherwise the consequence shall be borne by oneself.

People who are drunk, have high blood pressure, or suffered arm or leg injured are strictly prohibited to enter the bungee trampoline, otherwise the consequence shall be borne by oneself.

  1. Because the trampoline participants are mainly kids and teenagers, for the health of you and others, smoking is strictly prohibited in the bungee trampoline.


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