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Matters needing attention when using electric trackless train

Most of the amusement equipment in the playground are electric, such as the children’s favorite sightseeing train, there are many types of amusement equipment including sightseeing train,bumper car or kids rotating machine, what should you pay attention to when use them?

In order to make the safety of amusement park electricity, ground fans, hand drills and other mobile electrical equipment to install the use of leakage protection switch.The leakage protection switch should be checked regularly. After the fuse is burned or the leakage protection switch is tripped, the reason should be found out and the fault can be restored.

Do not use copper wire, iron wire instead of fuse, once the air switch damaged should be immediately replaced, and the size of the air switch should mach the the capacity of electricity, otherwise it is very easy to cause electric shock or electrical disaster.

The metal shell of the electrical equipment shall be securely connected with the protection line. Single-phase electricity shall be connected with a three-core cable, and three-phase electricity shall be connected with a four-core cable.The protection is securely connected outdoors to the protection neutral line or grounding device of the low-voltage network.

Wire interface should be wrapped with electrical tape, and it can not be replaced by other tape, not to use nylon paper. Do not use the wire directly into the socket.

When smoke happens, burning smell or fire is found after the electric appliance is powered on, the power supply should be cut off immediately. Do not use water or foam extinguisher to extinguish fire.



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