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How To Promote Your Amusement Park On Holidays?

For operators, the holidays is not only the good time to start business but also the main chance to improve its popularity. However, it is important to use proper methods, otherwise the promotion cannot bring expectative effect. Thus, there are some tips for operators to refer to.

First, in the earlier stage. Making sure the accurate targets of promotion is important. Instead of absorbing a large quality of temporary clients through the cheap price, attracting some permanent clients is more useful. Before starting the promoting activity, it is significant to decide the targets. For instance, the children amusement park can set the children between 0-12 as the target. Then, operators can use different method to absorb different type of customers. If you want to attract new customers, it is necessary to advertise special amusement rides at a discount or hold some interesting activities. In this way, new clients will have a unforgettable memory of it and become the permanent fans. While, for maintaining the old members, it is effective to pick some discount items only for members and send messages to show respect.

Second, in the medium term. Operators should pay attention to ensuring park’s quality. The potential customers who are attracted by the low price just bring a little profit. If they are not satisfied with the amusement rides or the park’s atmosphere, they will not be your permanent clients. There fore, before the holiday activity, operator should make a estimation and a all-round plan, including the passenger flow volume, proper discount for each amusement ride and enough staff to keep order.

Third, the later period. Though there are many holidays in the whole year, every holiday promotion only has a short-time effect of attracting customers. Hence, the summarizing and analyzing is a vital step to make progress. Analyzing advantages and disadvantages is beneficial to the next activity. And operators can realize the current deficiency, so that hold a better activity in next holiday and increase the park’s popularity.



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