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How to maintain the steel frame trampoline in children’s trampoline park?

1: Check the spring: whether it is deformed or rusted; in the static state of the spring, the spring can continue to be used if it is not stretched, and if it is stretched, it means that the service life has expired and needs to be replaced.

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2: Check the jumping surface: whether there are cracks in the jumping surface, whether it is off-line, and whether the splicing is not aligned.

3: Check the frame inspection: whether the screws at the fixing place are loose, and whether the steel pipe is broken.

4: Check the fencing: whether it is loose or broken.

5: Regularly clean the surface of the trampoline, just wipe it with a wet towel. If there are stains, you need to dip the towel into the cleaning solution and then wring it out for scrubbing, so as to avoid the inner liner being soaked and causing harmful growth such as mold. At the same time, you can also consider using UV exposure.

6: Replace parts regularly, and repair them in time if abnormal parts are found

7: No sundries can be piled up at the bottom of the trampoline steel frame.

8: Parts of each part should be kept in stock, such as jumping surface, springs, etc.

9: Customers are not allowed to play with hardware and sharp objects, such as keys, etc., and the operator can appropriately shorten the maintenance cycle according to the actual passenger flow.



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