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How to keep children safe when playing amusement equipment?

When you want to start amusement equipment business, the choice of place is very important, it should choose place with a large passenger flow, the business must be very booming in such flourishing place. But we all know that compare to recreation the safety of passengers are the most important, so the quality of the amusement device is very important. in addition, as operator, we should pay more attention to the safety of the passengers.

  1. we must read the instruction carefully before using the amusement equipment. To check if there are fault or hazard, whether the rescues are perfect.

2.we must keep calm and can not be panic when there are failure during operation. Call the police in time and comfort the passengers.

  1. people who is young baby, heart disease or acrophobia had better not take a ride.
  2. Children must be accompanied by adults when they play in the playground.
  3. We should check and maintain the equipment regularly.

6.Remind passengers not to remove the protective device, jump off without authorization, or stick their heads, hands and feet out of the protective fence during the operation of the facility.

  1. we must help kids to choose proper amusement equipment according to their age.




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