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How to inspect the amusement equipment?

After the purchase of amusement equipment, it is generally sent to the place designated by the customer through logistics.Some need the factory to arrange the staff to the site installation, some customers can install their own.

For the acceptance of amusement equipment, the customer should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Whether the amusement equipment is installed with the whole machine embedded or fixed position (except the mobile operation).
  2. Whether the electric system of amusement equipment operates normally.
  3. Whether the fuselage and transmission mechanism of amusement equipment operate normally.
  4. Whether the whole amusement equipment and the electric box are equipped with ground wire.
  5. Whether the relevant equipment operation manual and qualification certificate are provided.
  6. The amusement equipment shall be started and operated for at least one hour without any abnormal sound or fault.

Usually, the amusement equipment has been paid in full when the goods are received, so make sure the equipment is in good condition and can run smoothly.



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