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How to improve the income of kids amusement equipment?

Nowadays, the amusement business in park, square,shopping mall or scenic spot and other places is becoming more and more various.At the same time, the competitiveness of the entertainment industry is becoming more and more fierce.then, how to improve the income? In fact, the business mode is the important factor of business income, and there are many ways to improve the income, let discuss it together.

  1. Put a sign on the new amusement equipment to tell the customer how to play.
  2. Put the latest equipment in the most visible place,meanwhile, dress it up with colorful ribbons,balloons and other decorations to attract customers’
  3. With the permission of fee,the operators can launch a free trial of the equipment,let the children participate for the first time,when they love it, it is not difficult to attract again.
  4. You can launch some corresponding activity for some new amusement devices, such as free time, lucky draw,free group photos and so on, parents will realize that their children can experience new devices, which not only cultivate their kids’spirit of exploration, but also make it cost-effective and bring endless fun to them.
  5. Some staffs can help customers explain and demonstrate how to operate the new device, the affinity of the staff can also attract more customer to have a try.

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