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How to choose cost-effective electric train equipment?

Electric sightseeing train, also known as trackless train, trackless sightseeing train, sightseeing train, it is a new type of amusement equipment, simple operation, pure electric power drive, driven by – a silent DC motor, no emissions and no pollution.There are many performance reference standards of small trackless train, what are the parameters of the electric sightseeing train? It mainly includes mileage, driving speed, body size, battery number, climbing slope, rated seat and so on.

New amusement trackless sightseeing train, it is always very popular with both kids and adults, and it can be used in shopping malls, squares, parks and other places.Battery as an important part of the small trackless train, its quality directly affects the performance of the electric train ride, its specifications and quantity also directly affects its driving range and quality, the number of batteries is determined by the number of seats and the size of rated load.

For customers to choose a reliable trolley factory is also a more important matter in the purchase, and the purchase of sightseeing train can not only pay attention to the price factor, we should also pay attention to other small rail sightseeing train parameter data, and then then choose the most cost-effective one.



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