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Five points of children’s playground safety precautions

1. Equipment purchase

Safety should be the top priority when purchasing equipment, and security is an important factor affecting equipment purchase. The equipment selected by the operator should have quality assurance and must be approved by the state for special equipment testing, so as to avoid accidents due to product quality in the process of operation. At the same time, the operator also needs to recognize the source of the product and other relevant detailed information, so as to prevent the corresponding problems in the use process.

2. Fire protection

Fire protection of children’s playgrounds is also very important, so operating children’s playgrounds requires good passages and fire-fighting equipment. When selecting and planning the site, it is necessary to recognize the relevant positions of entrances, exits, express passages, emergency passages, etc., and ensure the smooth of passages according to the plan. If the place is too board, fire-fighting appliances, such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, etc., should be placed conveniently at intervals. And in the fire detection, actively cooperate, if necessary to seek help from the fire.

3. Equipment application

In the application of the equipment, direct contact with any sharp objects, bare hard objects, steel equipment should be avoided to prevent children from being bruised and injured during the play. For plastic products, use high-quality plastic products, such as toxic, odorous, and polluting ones, should be banned.

4. Hygiene

The children playground is an entertainment place for children, and they are more prone to illness. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the sanitation and cleaning of the park. Generally, operators will clean and arrange dirty equipment such as ocean balls, floor mats, platforms, and electric toys at fixed time periods, and these time periods are often in the morning or evening when there are no children playing.

5. Emergency equipment

Children’s playgrounds are generally set up indoors. Emergency passages, emergency lights, etc., should be set up in service offices or corresponding points in case of emergency. In the event of an accident, operator should call for help as soon as possible to unblock personnel and protect the safety of children.



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