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Ferris Wheel for Sale

Capacity: 18 cabins
Power: 20 kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 18m*16m*30mH


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The beautiful ferris wheel ride is a popular carnival rides in amusement park. The main body of ferris wheel is composed of a big wheel and two column supports that support the big wheel. It looks like a huge colorful wheel, especially fascinating at night. Ferris wheel ride covers only a small area and with innovative design, unique structure, beautiful appearance, so ferris wheel games are deeply loved by many tourists and investors now.

A ferris wheel is divided into truss type and spoke type according to the structure of the big wheel. Generally, the small and medium-sized ferris wheel are driven by the central axis transmission and pin tooth transmission. The cabins of the ferris wheel are semi-enclosed and each cabins can take 2-6 people.

As the ferris wheel is more entertaining, and much cheaper than sky wheel, so many owners of amusement parks are very fond of the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is rotating along with the horizontal axis, so the speed is relatively slow (about 15-18m/min) and passengers are free to get up and down with the machine running.

Photo Detail

30m Ferris Wheel50m-ferris-wheel

Technical parameters

  Cabin     Capacity   Cover Voltage  Power
18 72 21*23 m 380 V 15kw
32 128 35*32 m 380 V 25kw




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