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Emergency measures of amusement equipment in the course of operation

It is inevitable to have some problems when operating amusement places, so how should we deal with it?

  1. Sudden power failure during operation

Handling measures: in case of sudden power failure in operation, the staff should turn off the power switch in time, watch the situation of tourists, calm them down and tell them not to panic. After the equipment stops stable, explain to tourists and guide them to leave. After the power supply is restored, try again for two times to make sure that the equipment is normal before continuing to operate.

  1. Some tourists feel uncomfortable and panic during operation

Handling measures: If some tourists feel unwell or panic during operation, the staff should press the “emergency stop” button in time and comfort the tourists. After the equipment stops, the staff should help the tourists unfasten their safety belts and leave the scene immediately. If necessary, send them to the infirmary and check the situation of other tourists.

  1. Tourists do not follow the safety regulations during operation.

Handling measures: if there is any behavior not in accordance with the safety regulations in operation, the staff shall immediately persuade and stop the behavior. If there is no effect, the staff shall immediately stop the equipment. After the equipment stops, the visitors who violate the safety regulations shall be politely and patiently educated.

  1. Sudden changes in weather during operation

Handling measures: When it rains heavily during operation, the staff shall explain to the tourists, guide them to a safe place for shelter after the standby machine stops stable, and continue the business after the weather improves.



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