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Electrical precautions for trackless train ride

Nowadays, most of the amusement equipment in the funfair are electric, such as the children’s favorite sightseeing train, then, what should we pay attention to  when using electricity?

1, in order to make the amusement park electricity safety, seat fans, hand drills and other mobile electrical equipment to install the use of leakage protection switch.  The leakage protection switch should be checked frequently.  

  1. Do not use copper wire, iron wire instead of fuse, the air switch should be replaced immediately after damage, fuse and air switch size should match the power capacity, otherwise it is easy to cause electric shock or electrical fire .
  2. Cable or wire barge or damage to use electrical tape wrapped,but it  can not be replaced by other tape, especially can not to use nylon paper wrapped.  
  3. When smoke, burning smell or fire is found after the electric appliance is powered on, the power supply should be cut off immediately. Do not use water or foam extinguisher to extinguish fire

 Do not touch lamp caps, switches, plugs and sockets and electrical appliances with wet hands.  Switches, sockets or electrical appliances damaged or damaged shell should be repaired or replaced in time, and it can not be used without repair.  



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