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Do you know the four ways of amusement equipment marketing?

Publicity is essential in the operation of amusement equipment,especial for amusement park,it is difficult  to open the market without some certain marketing methods,so what are the marketing methods for the amusement equipment investors? Dinis Summarized four ways for you, let us have a look.

First,giveaways and raffles.

If you use giveaways methods to promotion, then the choose of giveaway is very important,the customers will be bored if the giveaways are to cheap,no creative giveaways will affect the brand,in addition, the lottery can have an immediate promotion effect,advertisement and and exciting raffles do increase interest and understanding of the amusement park, and raffles are often a way to build popularity.

Secondly,coupons and gift certificates

Coupon is a kind of very common promotion method,but it will affect the amusement park brand image,so when you use this method to do promotion, We should try our best to reduce the opposite effect by the value sense of the specific object and the coupon itself.the coupons in magazine often increase the attention of brand’s advertising.of course,the gift vouchers is also a way to reduce the price, but the design and printing quality of gift token should be improved to make them have a high-level sense. Most important, advertisement and gift certificates can motivate customer to come to the store.

Third,membership card

How to attract customer and make the repeatedly consumption? when comes to this, it can reflects the importance of membership card, membership card can ensure a stable revenue and flow of people.

Common card are month card, season card and year card.One of the effective ways to sell membership cards is to do card points, points for gifts.

Fourthly,fun activity

Even if your park marketing means very smart, but there is no core features and pronoun, it is easy to be imitated by other parks, so at this time appropriate to increase some interesting activities is very good.generally speaking,  fun games are for short-term effects. They don’t do much for the image of the park, but because they are fun, they don’t damage the brand..



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