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Bungee Trampoline For Park

Type: Electric type
Power: 2 kw
Voltage: 220V
Cover: 8*8 m


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  • Technical parameters

Bungee trampoline, also called trampoline bungee, kids bungee, is a kind of sport &entertainment equipment which is favored by children. The bungee trampoline is composed of a jumping bed, a pair of elastic cords and several supporting columns. You can jump in the high altitude of 4 meters and make a variety of in the high altitude of 4 meters movements. It’s a wonderful experience when playing the bungee jumping trampoline game.

The bungee trampoline is safe and reliable for children to play, and it helps the kids increase their coordination in the air, so that joints and muscles will be pulled by a unique pull, which is both fitness and with strong interesting. You will certainly love the happy bungee trampoline, because it is so exciting.

1. The support columns of our factory are ticker and stronger than others.
2. We apply imported elastic ropes from Malaysia.
3. Manual control and no need of electric, can be placed any where.
4. 4 meters high, same stimulating as the large bungee.
5. disassembly is very simple and cover little space.

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Technical parameters

Item Name Bungee jumping
Type Electric type
Cover area 8*8 m
Height 7 m
Capacity 4 person
Voltage 220V
Power 2 kw



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