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Novel Design Bumper Rides

Speed: ≤12km/h
Power: 350w
Voltage: 24v
Running Time: 8-9 hours



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Bumper ride, also called bumper car or bumper karts, is a kind of electric power-driven amusement equipment. The equipment includes bumper cars ( a type of flat ride) and an indoor space. We can provide you two types of bumper rides: battery bumper car and ground grid bumper car.

Materials: Steel, FRP, LED lights, Rubber;
Application: Amusement park, playground, shopping mall, etc;
Target Users: Suitable for all ages above 3 (babies need to be accompanied by adults);
Working principle: battery bumper car is powered by battery, the ground grid bumper car is powered by the grid ground floor floor.

Our bumper ride, safe and reliable, suitable for all ages above 3, barely without age restrictions.  Riders use steering wheel to control directions, release the accelerator (or step the brakes) to stop, which is easy to operate. Taiwan imported drum motor, with 360 degrees in situ rotation. Freely download the latest music, and equipped with LED lights, timing, counting and other management devices. 

With Power off protection device, when many bumper rides crowded together and can’t move, the car detected pedal always been tread, the motor will be automatic power off within 2 seconds, to prevent motor overheating and thus extend the life span of the motor. The working time can be adjusted by the Circuit board. It will automatic power off when reach to the set time.

Product video:


Type Running Time Size Speed Power Voltage
Battery Type 8-9 hours 1.9*1.1*0.9m ≤12km 350KW 24V
Ground Grid Type no limited time 1.9*1.1*0.9m ≤12km 500KW 48V



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